Weekend Golfers Team

Weekend Golfer’s grew from a desire to help people improve their all round golfing experience into the brand that it is today.

Each member of our Team makes a valuable contribution to ensuring we provide coaching of the highest quality and deliver it to you in a variety of formats using the latest online technologies.

From the front line coaching to the back office support we wouldn’t be where we are today without the Team, so let’s introduce you to them:

Meet the Weekend Golfers Team

Roger Manners
Performance Manager

Roger is responsible for the Mental Aspect of the Golf Coaching that we deliver to you and as a Mind Coach to Amateur Golfers to Ryder Cup Players, you’re in for a treat.

“I’ve always been a people person and have been lucky enough to combine that with my passion for golf. I think I have an ability to simplify things and you know what they say – it’s the simple things that work. So give this programme a try and see it work for you. But bear in mind there is no such thing as a miracle cure, SO if at first you don’t succeed . . .”

Rich Lawless
PGA Golf Professional & Ladies European Tour Coach
Co-Founder of Weekend Golfers

Rich is responsible for creating all of the Golf Coaching that we deliver to you.

“Coaching Golf is my passion & I never get bored of helping people improve. It can be a very frustrating sport at times but I am here to make it easier for you.  I get great satisfaction from seeing the improved results of my students and I hope to help you too”!

Steve King
PGA Level 1 Coach
Co-Founder of Weekend Golfers
Steve is responsible for the Operations & Marketing of the Weekend Golfer’s brand.

“It is our aim at Weekend Golfers to only produce high quality coaching programmes and make them affordable for everyone.  Over time we aim to build a thriving golf community which will help more people enjoy and benefit from this great sport”.

Gary Caine
Affiliate Manager
Gary is responsible for the very busy Weekend Golfers Affiliates Team ensuring our many Affiliates have all the promotional resources that they need for successful campaigns.

“My experience as an affiliate marketer along with my knowledge of PHP makes it possible for me to do more for our affiliates than what the average vendor does.  As for golf I love the game and used to play 9 holes every morning before work”


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