Golf Insurance

In April 1998 an Appeal Court ruling in the UK meant that golfers will be liable to pay damages for injuries caused even if you do shout FORE!

Research suggests that 90% of UK golfers play or practice without public liability insurance in place. Golf accidents can and do happen!

In fact thousands of golfers are injured annually so could you afford to pay damages and medical expenses if you hit and injure someone?

Most home insurance policies also exclude or restrict sports liability and golf equipment cover.

For most of us our golf clubs are our pride and joy and probably worth a lot of money when you add the cost of everything together! Why rely on your home insurance?

Weekend Golfers recommends you get cover NOW if you haven’t already done so or your next shot could cost you thousands. Use a reputable company when choosing a policy such as Golfplan (if you live in the UK) who are the leading golf insurance provider in the UK.  Golfplan is also endorsed by the Professional Golfers Association.

This peace of mind knowing that you have insurance could even help shave shots off your score. I am probably right in saying that at one time or another we have all been faced with a very daunting shot.
Where the consequences of a wayward shot doesn’t bare thinking about.

Maybe even a near miss you have encountered where your heart has been in your mouth, praying for the outcome to be OK. 

With piece of mind knowing you are insured you might just stay more relaxed when playing golf, subsequently helping you to play better shots.

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