Discipline In Golf

If more golfers applied the same level of discipline to their game as they do their careers, then maybe their golf could be as successful!

Maybe – Maybe Not!

Although it never ceases to amaze me that seemingly intelligent individuals believe they can play golf to a reasonable level at will.  Of course, very few are able to do so.  Consequently an awful lot of unfulfilled potential prevails.

Many golfers are content to play mediocre golf week after week and then moan about it in the clubhouse.

How sad is that when it could be so different with a bit of effort and discipline.

I fully accept that success is relatively unimportant to a minority of golfers but I am talking about golfers who WANT to succeed but probably just don’t know how to go about it.  So what are the disciplines they need to apply to help them improve their game and their feeling of achievement?

The answer is very few but with some effort it is surprising just how much improvement can be made.


Whenever you are able with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.  Monitor and record your practise sessions and aim to improve your percentage of good shots.  In particular, try and practise putting at least 30 minutes every day and watch your putting improve and your scores come down. It’s obvious, cut out the three putts and sink some single putts and you will score better.


Know EXACT carry yardages for full and half shots with each club.  How can you accurately select a club if you don’t know your distances?

Warm Up

Through the bag from wedges to woods.


Only in the present – you cannot change what’s gone on but you can control what is to happen.  Inner focus when you are 10 yards from the ball.

Pre-Shot Routine

Keep it simple – visualise the shot; pick the smallest possible target; line up using intermediate target maybe 2-3 feet in front; practice swing; look at ball and swing.

Poor Shots

Forget them until after the round.  Similarly if any club is misbehaving(!) leave it in the bag and use an alternative club.

OK, so how difficult is that?

It is not difficult at all so there is no excuse for not applying these very simple disciplines to your golf.

If you look at all of our articles you will see a never-ending theme of practice, planning and preparation.

It has been said (probably by a cleverer man than me) that ‘Failure to prepare is preparing to fail’.

So prepare to put some discipline into your golf and see your results improve.

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