How to Train Your Brain to Improve Your Golf – Brain Training for Golfers

Often we think of sports as physical pursuits and as things that we do with our bodies. After all we are running, jumping, hitting and throwing and generally exerting ourselves and this all requires physical effort from our bodies. However what sports also are is exertion for our brain, and when you consider that it’s our brain … Read more

Golfing, What Happens on the Course

Although it may be a little known mantra, golfing is said to be like Vegas – what happens on the course… Sure it’s a game that isn’t near as wild as, say, gambling on the strip.  And there may not be ladies with tall-feathered hats serving you drinks, or even coupons for budget steak dinners. … Read more

18 Holes Solo – How to Plan a Golfing Holiday on Your Own

What happens if your dream is to spend your holiday golfing in beautiful sunny surroundings, but none of your friends have the time, resources or inclination to go with you? Even if you tempt them with the more-than-relaxing and picturesque Algarve region of Portugal, you still draw a blank! Many people are worried that going on … Read more

Avoid Miscues to Cut Golf Handicap

While not every professional golfer drives the ball 300+ yards, they all excel at pitching and chipping it close. In fact, they’re so good at the short game, they usually hit pitches or chips close enough to where they only need to one-putt to make par or birdie. Many are also great putters. The pros … Read more

A Straight Left Arm – Why Your Golf Swing Depends on It

One of the first pieces of swing wisdom a beginning golfer hears is that you have to keep your left arm straight. What that means, and how it’s expressed in a good golf swing, requires accurate interpretation. Let’s talk first about what a straight arm is. If you stand up and let your arm hang … Read more