What You Can Expect From Drive For Show

Drive For Show was the first coaching program that Rich & I put together.  Which came about after Rich gave me a lesson on my long game. I’d been really struggling to find the fairways which had the obvious knock on effect of not then reaching the green in reg and then unless I chipped … Read more

Can You Putt For Dough?

What does ‘Putt for Dough’ mean? It’s an expression that most golfers will recognise and yet many handicap golfers spend very little time practicing their putting.  You drive for show – meaning it looks truly awsome when you get it right, but the idea of the game of golf is to get the ball into … Read more

Want to hit the ball further off the tee?

Want to hit the ball further off the tee? Could your leading arm be the key to greater distance and creating that all important soft draw to help get more yardage? I believe this simple piece of advice could help get you on the way to realizing your true potential when hitting your woods from … Read more

Dial In The Distance

When you are faced with a shot within 100 yards it is even more important to be able to control the distance of your shots. Knowing your exact yardage with your wedges in this zone can really pay dividends. By knowing your yardage with each of your wedges from a full swing down to even … Read more

Power From The Ground Up

There are only two constants when you make a golf swing. Firstly your feet start off connected to the ground and secondly your hands are connected to the club. Here we are going to look at the role of the feet and shoes relative to the ground. Without good pressure pushing down through the shoes … Read more

Hole In One Number 5

On Wednesday morning Steve added his name to the Woodbridge Park Golf Club Hole In One Heroes list. Steve was working in the Pro-shop when he was invited to come along by regulars John & Keith, as they were going to show him how to play golf properly The format of the day was 9 hole … Read more

The 200 yard Gong Shot

Challenge #1: Could David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem or Rhys Davies skim a ball 200 yards across a lake and hit a 9 inch gong?

Winter Training

I don’t know about where you are but it is getting quite dark very early in the evenings now in the UK.  So there is very little time to get out and play on the course after work. When this time of year does come around it is a great opportunity to look at what you … Read more

Putting Etiquette

Putting Etiquette – 4 quick rules There are some unwritten rules of putting etiquette that you need to adhere to when putting.  We’ll have a look at some of them here. Putting Etiquette #1 – Order of play is always a good one.  The golfer who’s ball is furthest from the hole is always the first … Read more

Rocking Ryo Shoots 58

Japanese Golf sensation Ryo Ishikawa shot the first-ever round of 58 on a major tour which helped him to go on and win The Crowns tournament in Nagoya. Despite starting the last day six shots back, Ryo played amazing golf throughout his round and ended up winning by five shots. Ishikawa said after his round … Read more

Putt The Lights Out

A great way to increase your feel on the green when you putt is to practice with your eyes closed! Taking your sense of sight away will heighten your other senses including your feel. Another great by-product of putting with your eyes closed is that it forces you to keep your body very still when … Read more

Golf Insurance

In April 1998 an Appeal Court ruling in the UK meant that golfers will be liable to pay damages for injuries caused even if you do shout FORE! Research suggests that 90% of UK golfers play or practice without public liability insurance in place. Golf accidents can and do happen! In fact thousands of golfers … Read more

Why Re-grip?

Your golf grips will degrade over a period of time regardless of whether you play every week or once a year. Ozone, oil from your hands and dirt will all cause them to lose there effectiveness. The traction that a fresh grip provides will help you to keep control of the club throughout your shot. This added … Read more

Drive For Show

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the first of our ‘Online Golf  Coaching Courses’, the first being called Drive for Show which is all about helping players of all abilities become more consistent with their Drivers. There are still a load of things to do before we have everything ready, but it’s all looking good so … Read more

The Weather

If there is a chance of bad weather for all you weekend Golfers, it’s essential that you check the weather forecast a day ahead or at least before you leave for the golf course.  Be sure to have everything you need with you to successfully get you through your round. As we all know the … Read more

What an Eye Opener

When Putting try to make sure your dominant eye is over the ball at address as this will help you to see the line of putt much easier and align the putter face correctly. To find out which of your eyes is the dominant one: Form a circle between your forefinger and thumb. Hold your … Read more

Question Time

Psychology Tip – The power of questions! Our mind and body are linked via our nervous system. So the way we use our body’s will have a direct effect on our thinking. Poor body language will lead to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts will lead to bad feelings then more than likely a bad shot! Ask … Read more