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For most of my working life I have been a self-motivated entrepreneur who has achieved success across several sectors of industry. Over the past 20 years I have developed programmes in mind-management and attitudinal behaviour relevant to work, play and lifestyle.

I have devised several development programmes suitable for everyone who wants to be the best they can be – from students to corporate high-flyers, from amateur to top professional golfers. Having worked with many successful business people, in 1997 I approached Andrew (Chubby) Chandler and offered my services to his developing golfers. Chubby gave me the opportunity to work with the likes of Stuart Cage, Mark Foster and Darren Clarke whose world ranking rose from 26 to 15 in the time we worked together.

I have worked with other European Tour and Ryder Cup winners (8 in total), together with winners on development tours, amateur county champions, Team champions and club golfers.

Whether you are a beginner or winning Tour Pro my philosophy is simple – ‘practise makes perfect’. That applies to work and leisure. Learn your business and develop good habits to create consistency. In golf, become as competent technically as you can. A great attitude will not make up for lack of technical competence. However, technical competence and a poor attitude will not lead to lasting success.

In my opinion the main essentials for success are – self-belief; calm body and mind; desire to win; eliminating fear; persistence, practise, preparation and patience; above all a commitment to be the best you can be.

Over time I will help you obtain all these attributes and more. I am told my main strengths are – simplicity, the ability to help people to ‘do’ and attention to detail. I have worked with many teaching professionals over the past 13 years, including Richard Lawless of Weekend-Golfers and some of his pupils for the past 5 years and they’ve all achieved some success following our teachings. But like anything new, it takes time and dedication to achieve success.

Many business people, pros and pupils have extracted the full benefit of my programmes and achieved success in business, golf and consequently a balanced lifestyle. In my opinion this is the cornerstone to achieving success and I look forward to taking you on a journey to help you fulfil your dreams.

The majority of my work with golfers comes through recommendations from professionals and word of mouth. I am also fortunate to be in demand for golf tuition holidays where mind management is becoming recognised as an ‘added value’ tool. To date I have worked in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, USA and Barbados.

My ‘Mental Golf’ programmes at Weekend Golfers cover all aspects of mind management to enable you to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

Happy Golfing  – Roger

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