This site is dedicated to the Weekend Golfers.

The Golfers who are unable to get to the course during the week because they have other commitments and more boring things to do…like going to work.

But once the weekend comes around we know you can’t wait to get to the golf Course, you know you’re going to be good this week, you’ve already played the round out in your head during a lunch break earlier on in the week.  This time you’re good to go.

Maybe this sounds familiar when you stand on the first tee

‘All I need to do is hit the fairway, if I can just get my first tee shot away down the middle about 250, I can get on the green in regulation, a couple of putts and I get a par, 18 of those and I par the course, happy days’….sounds easy doesn’t it, but as easy as it sounds it seldom works out that way does it.

Maybe you are actually dreading that first shot…and you’re just hoping the first few holes go by without any major embarrassments…

Or maybe you are a golfing god and you are going to break par without too much trouble…

Whatever your level or reason for playing our mission is to help you get more enjoyment from your game.  We aim to do this by dispelling the myths of the game, by providing solid coaching that WILL benefit your game, irrespective of your playing ability.  By using a combination of Video Lessons, Audio training, specific practice drills and checklists that you’ll need to complete,  we also hope to make the game more fun than you have experienced so far.

We also appreciate that golf lessons can be an expensive investment in your game so we have made a business decision to keep our coaching courses priced so that everyone can get access to them.  You can find our more by visiting our Membership Page.

There will also be lot’s of quality coaching, including video lessons and drills, that you will be able to access via our blog, our FREE Newsletter, which we highly recommend and by the occasional bonuses that we give to our readers.

We really hope you enjoy your stay with Weekend Golfers and if you do we hope you will tell your golfing buddies to come and check us out too.  We’d also love to hear all about your golfing feats, both triumphs and failures, maybe you’ve won a medal at your golf club.

Also if you have a specific problem with a part of your game and you’d like us to make a video lesson for you, just ask and we’ll do our best to put one together.

Happy Golfing

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